Iona Scarville-Ross dreamt of creating, then expanding, her child care business, but she needed help to make it happen. That help came from St. Patrick’s Home-Based Child Care Partnership.

St. Patrick’s got its help from the Women’s Fund.

Now, with her expanded capabilities, Iona is not only improving her lot in life, but—by removing a major obstacle to employment for low-income families—helping them to improve theirs.

That’s what the Women’s Fund does. Through its support of grassroots organizations, the Fund empowers low-income women to find careers, domestic violence survivors to find independence, mothers to bond with daughters. Women have gained financial literacy, become entrepreneurs, found their callings and built their futures.

Together with partners like KeyBank and our Founding Five Hundred members, the Women’s Fund has improved not only the lives of women and girls, but the neighborhoods in which they live. After all, empowered women empower communities. Just ask Iona.