shero pin on card cleaned up

Thank you to the following people for their exemplary contributions to The Women's Fund.

Honorary Sheroes

  • Kay MacLaury
  • Benita Zahn


Thank you to the donors listed below for supporting The Women's Fund Scholarship Program.

$500 Level

  • Megan Allen
  • Kate Dudding
  • Marilyn Pendergast
  • Kathleen Pingelski
  • Kathleen Van de Loo

$250 Level

  • Marilyn Chillis
  • Rebecca Cleary
  • Amanda Goyer
  • Elizabeth Miller Guthier
  • Mona R. Johnson
  • Alicia Lasch
  • Christina Meier
  • Hannah S. O'Neill
  • Gloria Rodgers
  • Heather Senecal
  • Patricia Tauss